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Postdoctoral Scholars

Machine Learning Physics of Living Systems

Updated November 30th, 2022

In collaboration with the Gardel Lab and Vitelli Lab at the University of Chicago we are using machine learning to develop new models of living systems. Our initial work in this area is focused on building novel models of cellular contractility, but there is ample room for this work to grow in multiple directions! We're looking for potential postdocs that could work jointly between the three labs, depending on interest and skill sets. Interested parties should reach out directly to Patrick and Margaret to discuss details.

Other Opportunities

If these opportunities don't sound like a great fit but you're still interested in joining the lab please reach out! We are always open to motivated and talented postdocs from a variety of backgrounds and are happy to discuss potential ways to make it work. These things take time though, so start thinking about it well in advance of your timeline!

Graduate Students

Prospective Students

Applications should be submitted to the Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences at Loyola.

Current Students

We are accepting rotation students! Interested students should contact Dr. Oakes about doing a rotation.

Research Technician

Interested individuals can contact Dr. Oakes directly about potential opportunities.

Undergraduate Students

We enjoy having undergraduate researchers work with our research group. Students who are interested should contact Dr. Oakes directly to discuss their research interests and potential projects that are available in the lab.