A Workflow for Rapid Unbiased Quantification of Fibrillar Feature Alignment in Biological Images

Marcotti S, Belo de Freitas D, Troughton LD, Kenny FN, Shaw T, Stramer BM, Oakes PW
Front Comput Sci, 3:745831 (2021)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv

Stress fiber strain recognition by the LIM protein testin is cryptic and mediated by RhoA

Sala S, Oakes PW
Mol Biol Cell, 32(18):1758-1771 (2021)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 34038160

CD4+ T cell interstitial migration controlled by fibronectin in the inflamed skin

Fernandes NR, Reilly NS, Schrock DC, Hocking DC, Oakes PW, Fowell DJ
Front Immunol, 11:1501 (2020)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 32793204

TRM integrins CD103 and CD49a differentially support adherence and motility after resolution of influenza virus infection

Reilly EC, Lambert-Emo K, Buckley P, Reilly NS, Chaves FA, Yang H, Oakes PW, Topham DJ
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 117(22):12306-12314 (2020)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 32439709 | Cover Highlight

Optogenetic control of RhoA to probe subcellular mechanochemical circuitry

Cavanaugh KE, Oakes PW, Gardel ML
Curr Protoc Cell Biol, 86(1):e102 (2020)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 32031760

Multiscale model of integrin adhesion assembly

Bidone TC, Skeeters AV, Oakes PW, Voth GA
PLoS Comput Biol, 15(6):e1007077 (2019)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 31163027

Membrane-cytoskeletal crosstalk mediated by myosin-I regulates adhesion turnover during phagocytosis

Barger SR, Reilly NS, Shutova MS, Li Q, Maiuri P, Heddleston JM, Mooseker MS, Flavell RA, Svitkina T, Oakes PW, Krendel M, Gauthier NC
Nat Commun, 10:1249 (2019)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 30890704

Tissue tension and not interphase cell shape determines cell division orientation in the Drosophila follicular epithelium

Finegan TM, Na D, Cammarota C, Skeeters AV, Nádasi TJ, Dawney NS, Fletcher A, Oakes PW, Bergstralh DT
EMBO J, 38(3):e100072 (2019)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 30478193 | Cover Highlight
- See also: Getting into shape: tissue tension drives oriented cell divisions during organogenesis
- See also: Oriented Cell Division: The Pull of the Pole

Entropy production rate is maximized in non-contractile actomyosin

Seara DS, Yadav V, Linsmeier I, Tabatabai AP, Oakes PW, Tabei SMA, Banerjee S, Murrell  MP
Nat Commun, 9:4948 (2018)
PDF | DOI | arXiv | PMID: 30470750
- See also: Nature Collection on Active Matter

CCR7 fuels and LFA-1 grips

Oakes PW, Fowell DJ
Nat Immunol, 19(6):516-518 (2018)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 29777210

Balancing forces in migration

Oakes PW
Curr Opin Cell Biol, 54:43-49 (2018)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 29723736

Lamellipodium is a myosin-independent mechanosensor

Oakes PW, Bidone TC, Beckham Y, Skeeters AV, Ramirez-San Juan GR, Winter SP, Voth GA, Gardel ML
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 115(11):2646-2651 (2018)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 294877208

Dia1-dependent adhesions are required by epithelial tissues to initiate invasion

Fessenden TB, Beckham Y, Perez-Neut M, Chourasia AH, Macleod KF, Oakes PW, Gardel ML
J Cell Biol, 217(4):1485-1502 (2018)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 29437785| Cover Highlight
- See also: JCB Journal Club: Formins are required for invasion
- See also: biosights Podcast: April 2, 2018

Optogenetic control of RhoA reveals zyxin-mediated elasticity of stress fibers

Oakes PW, Wagner E, Brand CA, Probst D, Linke M, Schwarz US, Glotzer M, Gardel ML
Nat Commun, 8:15817 (2017)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 28604737

Cholesterol depletion impairs contractile machinery in neonatal rat cardiomyocytes

Hissa B, Oakes PW, Pontes B, Ramirez-San Juan GR, Gardel ML
Sci Rep, 7:43764 (2017)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 28256617

Contact guidance requires spatial control of leading edge protrusion

Ramirez-San Juan GR, Oakes PW, Gardel ML
Mol Biol Cell, 28(8):1043-1053 (2017)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 28228548

A coin vibrational motor swimming at low reynolds number

Quillen AC, Askari H, Kelley DH, Friedmann T, Oakes PW
Regul Chaotic Dyn, 21:902-917 (2016)
PDF | DOI | arXiv

Disordered actomyosin networks are sufficient to produce cooperative and telescopic contractility

Linsmeier I, Banerjee S, Oakes PW, Jung W, Kim T, Murrell MP
Nat Commun, 7:12615 (2016)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 27558758

Micron-scale plasma membrane curvature is recognized by the septin cytoskeleton

Bridges AA, Jentzsch MS, Oakes PW, Occhipinti P, Gladfelter AS
J Cell Biol, 213(1):23-32 (2016)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 27044896
- See Also: Septins recognize micron-scale membrane curvature

Measuring cell mechanics

Gardel M, Oakes P
Colloquium Series on Quantitative Cell Biology: Vol. 3
Marshall WF, ed. Morgan & Claypool Life Science Publishers. (2015)

Forcing cells into shape: the mechanics of actomyosin contractility

Murrell M, Oakes PW, Lenz M, Gardel ML
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PDF | DOI | PMID: 26130009

Model-based traction force microscopy reveals differential tension in cellular actin bundles

Soiné JRD, Brand CA, Stricker J, Oakes PW, Gardel ML, Schwarz US
PLoS Comput Biol, 11(3):e1004076 (2015)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 25748431

Epithelial rotation promotes the global alignment of contractile actin bundles during Drosophila egg chamber elongation

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Nat Commun, 5:5511 (2014)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 25413675

Geometry regulates traction stresses in adherent cells

Oakes PW, Banerjee S, Marchetti CM, Gardel ML
Biophys J, 107(4):825-833 (2014)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 25140417 | Cover Highlight
- See also: Work and tension: new evidence that adherent cells of same area do the same work independent of stiffness and focal adhesions

Stressing the limits of focal adhesion mechanosensitivity

Oakes PW, Gardel ML
Curr Opin Cell Biol, 30:68-73 (2014)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 24998185

Actin assembly factors regulate the gelation kinetics and architecture of F-actin networks

Falzone TT, Oakes PW, Sees J, Kovar D, Gardel ML
Biophys J, 104(8):1709-1719 (2013)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 23601318

Tension is required but not sufficient for focal adhesion maturation without a stress fiber template

Oakes PW, Beckham Y, Stricker J, Gardel ML
J Cell Biol, 196(3):363-374 (2012)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 22291038 | Cover Highlight
- See also: In focus: stress fibers guide focal adhesions to maturity
- Selected for F1000

Spatiotemporal constraints on the force-dependent growth of focal adhesions

Stricker J, Aratyn-Schaus Y, Oakes PW, Gardel ML
Biophys J, 100(12):2883-93 (2011)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 21689521

Dynamic and structural signatures of lamellar actomyosin force generation

Aratyn-Schaus Y, Oakes PW, Gardel ML
Mol Biol Cell, 22(8):1330-1339 (2011)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 21307339 | Cover Highlight
- See also: Highlights from MBoC

Preparation of compliant matrices for quantifying cellular contraction

Aratyn-Schaus Y, Oakes PW, Stricker J, Winter SP, Gardel ML
J Vis Exp, Dec 14 (46) e2173 (2010)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 21178972 | Video

Neutrophil morphology and migration are affected by substrate stiffness

Oakes PW, Patel DC, Morin NA, Zitterbart DP, Fabry B, Reichner JS, Tang JX
Blood, 114:1387-1395 (2009)
PDF | DOI | PMID:19491394

Nonmuscle myosin heavy chain IIA mediates integrin LFA-1 de-adhesion during T lymphocyte migration

Morin NA, Oakes PW, Hyun Y-M, Lee D, Chin EY, King MR, Springer TA, Shimaoka M, Tang JX, Reichner JS, Kim M
J Exp Med, 205(1):195-205 (2008)
PDF | DOI | PMID:18195072

Growth of tactoidal droplets during the first-order isotropic to nematic phase transition of F-actin

Oakes PW, Viamontes J, Tang JX
Phys Rev E, 75(6):061902-11 (2007)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 17677295

Isotropic to nematic liquid crystalline phase transition of F-actin varies from continuous to first order

Viamontes J, Oakes PW, Tang JX
Phys Rev Lett, 97(11):118103 (2006)
PDF | DOI | PMID: 17025933