Lee D. Troughton, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar
February 2021 - Present

Ph.D. Cellular & Molecular Biology, 2018
Liverpool University (UK)

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* - Contributed equally            - Corresponding Author

Non-muscle myosin 2 filaments are processive in cells

Vitriol EA*, Quintanilla MA*, Tidei JJ*, Troughton LD, Cody A, Cisterna Irrazabal BA, Jane ML, Oakes PW, Beach JR
Biophys J In Press (2023)
PDF | DOI | bioRχiv | PMID: 37218133

Risk factors for corneal epithelial wound healing: Can sex play a role?

Coco G, Hamill KJ, Troughton LD, Kaye SB, Romano V
Eur J Ophthalmol, 32(5):2676 (2022)
DOI | PMID: 34889141

Laminin N‐terminus α31 expression during development is lethal and causes widespread tissue‐specific defects in a transgenic mouse model

Sugden CJ, Iorio V, Troughton LD, Liu K, Morais MRPT, Lennon R, Bou‐Gharios G, Hamill KJ
FASEB J, 36(7):e0264430 (2022)
DOI | bioRχiv | PMID: 35648586

Atypical peripheral actin band formation via overactivation of RhoA and Non-muscle myosin II in Mitofusin 2 deficient cells

Wang Y, Troughton LD, Xu F, Chatterjee A, Zhao H, Cifuentes LP, Wagner RB, Chen J, Kuang S, Suter DM, Yuan C, Chan D, Huang F, Oakes PW, Deng Q
Submitted (2022)
DOI | bioRχiv

Laminin N-terminus α31 is upregulated in invasive ductal breast cancer and changes the mode of tumour invasion

Troughton LD, O'Loughlin DA, Zech T, Hamill KJ
PLoS One, 17(3):e0264430 (2022)
DOI | bioRχiv | PMID: 35231053

A Workflow for Rapid Unbiased Quantification of Fibrillar Feature Alignment in Biological Images

Marcotti S, Belo de Freitas D, Troughton LD, Kenny FN, Shaw T, Stramer BM, Oakes PW
Front Comput Sci, 3:745831 (2021)
PDF | DOI | bioRχiv | Twitter thread | PMID: 34888522

Laminin N-terminus α31 regulates keratinocyte adhesion and migration through modifying the organisation and proteolytic processing of laminin 332

Troughton LD, Iorio V, Shaw L, Sugden CJ, Yamamoto K, Hamill KJ
Submitted (2020)
DOI | bioRχiv

Laminin N-terminus α31 protein distribution in adult human tissues

Troughton LD, Reuten R, Sugden CJ, Hamill KJ
PLoS One, 15(12):e0239889 (2020)
DOI | bioRχiv | PMID: 33264294

Differential distribution of laminin N-terminus α31 across the ocular surface: implications for corneal wound repair

Barrera V, Troughton LD, Iorio V, Liu S, Oyewole O, Sheridan CM, Hamill KJ
Invest Ophth Vis Sci, 59(10):4082 (2018)
DOI | PMID: 30098195

UV imaging reveals facial areas that are prone to skin cancer are disproportionately missed during sunscreen application

Pratt H, Hassanin K, Troughton LD, Czanner G, Zheng Y, McCormick AG, Hamill KJ
PLoS One, 12(10):e0185297 (2017)
DOI | PMID: 28968413

Laminins: Roles and Utility in Wound Repair

Iorio C, Troughton LD, Hamill KJ
Adv Wound Care, 4(4):250 (2015)
DOI | PMID: 25945287