Stefano Sala, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar
May 2018 - Present

Ph.D. Health Sciences, 2017
University of Ghent



You can download a full copy of my CV here


An emerging link between LIM domain proteins and nuclear receptors

Sala S, Ampe C
Cell Mol Life Sci, 75(11):1959-1971 (2018)
DOI | PMID: 29428964

The PET and LIM1-2 domains of testin contribute to intramolecular and homodimeric interactions

Sala S, Catillon M, Hadzic E, Schaffner-Reckinger E, Van Troys M, Ampe C
PLoS One, 12(5):e0177879 (2017)
DOI | PMID: 28542564

Expanding the Interactome of TES by Exploiting TES Modules with Different Subcellular Localizations

Sala S, Van Troys M, Medves S, Catillon M, Timmerman E, Staes A, Schaffner-Reckinger E, Gevaert K, Ampe C
J Proteome Res, 16(5):2054-2071 (2017)
DOI | PMID: 28378594