Stefano Sala, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar
May 2018 - Present

Ph.D. Health Sciences, 2017
University of Ghent (Belgium)

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* - Contributed equally            - Corresponding Author

Smooth Muscle Myosin 2 Filaments Dynamically Assemble and Stabilize During Induced Contractility

Bennet MA, Demeulenaere SG, Wu H, Patel H, Sala S, Longtine ER, Oakes PW, Beach JR
Submitted (2022)
DOI | bioRxiv

Quantifying Strain-Sensing Protein Recruitment During Stress Fiber Repair

Seetharaman S*, Sala S*, Gardel ML, Oakes PW
Meth Mol Biol, In Press (2022)

Stress fiber strain recognition by the LIM protein testin is cryptic and mediated by RhoA

Sala S, Oakes PW
Mol Biol Cell, 32(18):1758-1771 (2021)
PDF | DOI | bioRxiv | PMID: 34038160

An emerging link between LIM domain proteins and nuclear receptors

Sala S, Ampe C
Cell Mol Life Sci, 75(11):1959-1971 (2018)
DOI | PMID: 29428964

The PET and LIM1-2 domains of testin contribute to intramolecular and homodimeric interactions

Sala S, Catillon M, Hadzic E, Schaffner-Reckinger E, Van Troys M, Ampe C
PLoS One, 12(5):e0177879 (2017)
DOI | PMID: 28542564

Expanding the Interactome of TES by Exploiting TES Modules with Different Subcellular Localizations

Sala S, Van Troys M, Medves S, Catillon M, Timmerman E, Staes A, Schaffner-Reckinger E, Gevaert K, Ampe C
J Proteome Res, 16(5):2054-2071 (2017)
DOI | PMID: 28378594